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Re:␣ ハマトラ eyecatch 1-7 + a compilation of the shit nice says at the beginning on each of the previous episodes! [long post]


Huh? That’s weird… I thought I’d put it in here… Oh, sorry. Um, so three months after I died… Er, I guess that’s a weird way of putting it. But anyway, Hikaru, the Light Speed Minimum Holder who was taking Yokohama by storm ended up being a fabricated celebrity used as a pawn by a money-grubbing producer. Why, it’s not here either… Oh, nothing. Anyway, anyway, it’s fine to play dead and all, but aren’t they having way too much fun?! I’d say pouring cola all over my photo is a bit too much…! Oh, and I have one final question for you. Do you know where the DVD’s I hid in my room went?

I didn’t care enough about it to think of it fondly as my alma mater, but it still made a big impact on me when it got blown up. I mean, you’d be shocked, too. Not to mention, it was Art who did it. I wonder if, like, he had a grudge because we didn’t get decent desserts during our time at the Academy. Well, but who’d actually like getting pancakes for lunch? Ratio and Birthday apparently went to some weird place and met weird people, too. What’s this world coming to? Will everything be solved if they start serving pancakes for school lunch? Does everyone want sugar that much? Art got this super awesome power at some point, too. Oh! I wonder if that’s thanks to eating sugary stuff? Maybe it’s true that I did something bad to Art food-related. All right then! Next time I see him, I’ll bring some sweets and apologize. Will a lump of sugar do the trick?
Didn’t someone somewhere say explosions are art or something? I have no clue what that means, but I figured out something recently. Basically, maybe your head goes “boom!” if you get caught up in weird art like that. Am I right? Well, art or not, there are tons of people with crazy ideas. Even if you’re influenced by them, it’s your decision to take action or not. Well, what I want to say is, I don’t know if I approve of people lying about whether they can see. If they get called out, they should hold a proper press conference.
What’s the deal with parents and their kids? Kids say their parents will always be family, no matter what, and parents say they’ll always care about their kids. Is that really true? The important thing isn’t how someone’s related to you, is it? What’s more important is… how do I put it? Ties that you choose to make. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your partner, right? So, what I’m trying to get at is… Rather than putting your money on blood and DNA and stuff you have no say in, life’s more fun if you trust yourself. That’s why I’m gonna rack up my tab today and treat Hajime-chan!
What does it mean to be alive? You can get hurt, and you can get betrayed by someone you once trusted. When painful things keep happening, isn’t it better to die? I wonder sometimes. But I guess you can’t die, because you think you might still have fun. You have hope for tomorrow, or the future. On the flipside, you probably shouldn’t die. You can list all the justifications you want, but people always tend to want to live, and it’d be a problem if they didn’t. Hey, do you feel like you want to live right now?
You know, the thing about presents is that they don’t always make you happy. Even if the one giving the present thinks they chose something you’d like, it’s not like they know for sure till you get the present. It might be something you already have, or something you didn’t want. So sometimes it can get awkward. I wonder what kind of expression you should make.